Michelle Ortiz is the Michael Jordan of sexual assault nurse examiners – the best I’ve ever worked with.  She was able to take a complex case and simplify the issues — and focus our strategy.  She understood the impact of particular evidentiary issues, and was able to educate the jury regarding their significance to the case.”

“​I changed my trial strategy to one Michelle recommended, and I used several of her characterizations of the evidence in my closing.  To say the least, she knows her field, and testifies well.  I was privileged to watch her field a brutal cross-examination.  She won my case and I am very grateful.”

“I’ve worked with a lot of SANEs in my career, but I’ve never seen one captivate the courtroom like Michelle did.  The jury was captivated by her and it was obvious they found her testimony compelling.  Her ability to relay complex forensic concepts to a medically-naïve jury in a way that was easily understood was exactly what we needed.”

Lovette Robinson is an incredible asset to any legal team.  She is such a presence in the courtroom, and her comfort translates to the stand.  Never ruffled by the opposition, it’s obvious she’s a pro.  Her testimony is well reasoned, and incredibly knowledgeable.  It’s no wonder she is held with such respect in the specialty.”

“Lovette is the most knowledgeable Forensic Nurse I’ve ever had on my team.  I’m so glad I found her!  This was the 1st time I used a SANE vs an MD on my legal team … what a difference!  Lovette was a game changer for us!”

“I had a very difficult and high stakes case building, and I needed someone who could interpret the science and help me to anticipate potential pitfalls ahead.  Lovette was a godsend.  I honestly don’t think we could have prevailed without her expertise.  She is now my go-to for tough cases.”

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